Badminton Racquet balance is key, but manufacturing defects and internal changes are also something to study keenly and test -- there must be help for this or manufacturers can do whatever they like ---soo metal labs must be avilable to check weight distributions and balances, i dont mind shipping my racquet to one, at least i know what i will be getting compared to a 2012 Yonex Arcsaber you how if a racquet is too long or unbalanced if you are accustomed to a certain threshold, ALL SMASH RETURNS WILL BE HALF VOLLEYED AND POPPED UP IN FRONT OF THE NET!! VERY ANNOYING!! I can see this happening to Momota with the WHite Tiger, ITS GOTA BE MANIPULATED because it does not have the same balance or feel as an original ax 99 --all his lobs are short and his smash defense is just bad, I can bet it is the racquet because i had a similar experince --- also if a player is accustomed to a balance and length of racquet they cannot adapt to a new balance and length over their techniques, movement and point of contacts will have to change and this will most definitely damage your it is wise to stick to a preferred balance, because the racquet head size, balance, shaft length, handle length and weight distribution can definitely be an issue in your game quality. Note the length of shaft that extends in the handle also affects balance greatly we must be able to know how deep it goes because different shaft downdrafts affect balance and feel greatly.

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