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Pakkadavu and Aalida mandala adavus mainly rely on the usage of waist to execute the adavus. The 1st and 2nd speeds in both are known as Mai adavu and the 3rd speed is known as Poi adavu.

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Jaaradavu/ Sarikaal adavu are the adavus done by sliding the foot on the floor

Shikhara adavu is called so because of the Shikara hasta usage while doing the adavu.

Taandava adavu is classified under the category of other adavus.

Both these adavus are not commonly classified under the Dashavidha Adavus.

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The last 2 adavus under the category of Dasha vidha adavu are Rangaakramana, meaning circambulation of the stage and Muktaaya adavu.

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